So called Independent newspaper reporting on the ‘Turing Bill’

The so called Independent and other media bodies cannot even report legal issues correctly. The latest filibustered bill to pardon homosexuals is not actually connected directly with the Turing Bill of 2013. The filibustered bill is actual connected with the Sexual Offences Act. These are separate although connected in the basic nature of the incorrectness of the law regarding such matters.

News papers should be there to inform the public and they should do it correctly making the right distinctions and being correct in regard to matters of legislation and law.

The Turing Bill “pardoned” Turing for not being looked after after he shortened the war or even help win the war, being chemically castrated and left in a hell of a horrific state by the authorities and those around him.

Turing Bill filibustered by Tory minister amid row over how to pardon people convicted under scrapped anti-gay laws