NSA / Tory / NHS disaster

Okay so we have an exploit captured or created by the NSA that is added to some ransom ware probably in less then 10 minutes and its now wreaking havoc across the globe and most worryingly the NHS.

Basically this shows a number of things

1) exploits should always be reported back to the OS manufacturers not be used by government organizations otherwise they have the potential to hit other government organizations. Adding to this the reasoning is exploits can be harvest by anyone who knows what they are doing, and these can be reused and weaponized.

2) The Tory government should fund the NHS properly security should not be done piecemeal and have someone like me or Lauri Love with oversight to check out their security. People like us think outside of the box.

3) The case against Lauri Love SHOULD BE DROPPED IMMEDIATELY !!!! We should not be torturing him with this threat of extradition to an unknown future in an American jail.

4) This is a continual battle that will probably never end. There is just today an email based virus that can take over a machine via local machine Outlook without even having to have the email opened.

5) The government are guilty not ensuring the security of its organizations like the NHS should be a top down solution from a centralized team and not done piece meal; this is for many reasons.