The Gut wall and the Gluten’s Gliadin in everyday Wheat Germ

All of us that’s every one of us is susceptible to attack by the gliadin protein in wheat germ. It is natures evolved and crafted weapon to attack the brains of its predators. As long as we keep out guts mucosal protective wall healthy this is not a problem. But so many people in fact most people in their lives will suffer from what is termed leaky gut a few times in their lives. The stomach-blood-barrier (our intestinal epithelium) is a very complex thing but it is stuck behinds wheat’s clever evolution.

The American leaky gut theory suggests that breakdown of the gut-blood-barrier due to the gliadin gluten from wheat grains results in production of antibodies to gluten or other foodstuffs in the blood steam.

Wheat is over breed, excuse the pun, it has more gene that the human genome. This was done by early agricultural development when we took grasses and their grains and cross breed them to produce better grains, for better flours, for better breads.

Looking after the guts flora through proper diet and the use of probiotic and good prebiotic food stuffs when needed is essential to keeping a healthy gut and maintaining that health.

The cascade of repercussions from a breached gut range across a whole spectrum of diseases caused by temporary or sustained autoimmunity. From multiple sclerosis where the immune system attacks the myelin sheath of the nervous system to all forms arthritis where tissues, cartilage, and what is called the extracellular matrix of the bone are attacked and broken down over time.

All these conditions are thought to be reversible with what is called functional medicine a new form of allopathic medicine which has revolved from America after being suppressed for years by big pharma and conventional medicinal practice which has treated the resulting damage from diseases not the root causes of conditions.

The homeostatic systems of the body can be restored to normal, by pre-emptive medicine by good diet and exercise, by catching conditions early through proper diagnostics based on proper instrumentation, by quick diagnosis and remedial dietary changes often involving excluding and including better food stuffs.

Healing the whole process and reducing the antibody levels in the blood starts with healing the gut. First stop all grains including rice, other than grains like buckwheat and oats. Move to a plant based diet with no meat (as this will contain animal proteins like myloin) or dairy (which contains caseins). Replenish the gut flora with good bacteria like sauerkraut (ideally organic non pasteurized sauerkraut), tempeh, and capsule form probiotics, and prebiotics like genmai miso.

Regarding multiple sclerosis Dr Terry Wahl cured herself from this supposedly terminal disease through a combination of diet and electrotherapy to stimulate and establish proper nervous function. This has been followed up and is been used as a protocol to help other patients with this condition.

Further more complex immune system therapies are available from specialized clinics but I really suggest that the gut-blood-barrier and gut health are the key to stopping the root causal mechanism.

This has got to start with our food sources we need more types of flour produced and more types of bread in our diet to reduce the gliadin burden. Gluten is also glutenous and that’s another story. Most people eat loaves of bread that can be squashed down to near an inch cubed of dough.

White sugar or white death as I have called it for years is responsible for something called glycation where proteins are bound with sugars on the surfaces of cells which is co-complex with diabetes causing yet another vector of autoimmune disease.



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