URL space polution or “shall we buy up these domain names to see if we can make a few thousand bucks”

Basically domain name pollution or domain sitting as its also called stop legitimate use of domain names for good purposes. It should be outlawed and made illegal to hold on to a domain name for purposes of making money from it more than two years without using it. It just plain random capitalism and a misuse of the web. ICANN should be ashamed of them selves this is probably not what Tim Berners Lee intended should happen to his system.


4 thoughts on “URL space polution or “shall we buy up these domain names to see if we can make a few thousand bucks”

  1. Greetings Bob. This was so funny I just had to let it through. Now there is just one question I have to ask: What is the silly salute ? Do you have a YouTube video to demonstrate it or can it be described ?

  2. Sorry Bob, but they are bunging up URL space that would be useful for people who are doing small startups or small non profits and do not want to or cannot pay exorbitant prices and end up using either concocted, prefixed, or suffixed URL’s, or some silly name to get round this. Mean while the domain name sits there unused. The longer it is unused the more money they tend to want for it as it acquires perceived value.

  3. You just wait until node.js and its next-gen successors really catch on properly and people are using them to throw out websites like running water. If you think domain name space is at a premium now… when the web is filled with thousands upon thousands of people all needing DNS entries… the situation can only get more interesting!

    Love the blog by the way!

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